By scotguide


Wakened early ...I love these light early mornings, finished the book I was reading “A Bird in the Hand “ by Ann Cleeves set mainly in Norfolk I enjoyed it.
Very low temperature till the sun broke through the clouds, it was a blue sky day, pottered in the garden, planted some seeds, delivery of compost arrived, my neighbour and I shared the delivery from local merchant.

Peter May’s “Lockdown” has arrived, sat out for an hour or so and started o read it! Before dinner I went out for a bike ride,
I love this hill close to my home, Craig Rossie it’s an iconic hill in
Perthshire, I’ve posted many a photo of it and never tire of the view!

I’m watching “Normal People “ on BBC, it is so well acted, a wonderful tale of young love and other emotions. I am so enjoying it.

My bf heard the cuckoo, she lives at the other end of the village to me, I keep listening .......

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