Long term relationship -

Valerie has been my massage therapist for more than 30 years now, and I credit her for much of the good health (mental as well as physical) I've maintained through that time. She continues to study and learns new techniques and modalities regularly - I'm very lucky to have her in my life!

As I walked home from my massage I listened to the podcast of Krista Tippet's radio show "On Being". She was interviewing Seth Godin, and I was delighted to hear how his ideas about change and work resonated with how Valerie and I have created our lives. When he spoke about the need to create enterprises that give people (customers) a platform to be and express their best selves I thought of Blip. There's also some good stuff about helping children (and all of us) develop wisdom and discernment as we create and consume culture online.

If you're interested in his ideas here's a link to the show:


I sent Kendall the link when I got home and she told me she'd heard the show when lost in the rain the night before - a story she shares on her blip!

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