Dublin Shooter

By dublinshooter


What a great day!

A busy one. Packed. Taking advantage of cocooning relaxation, I got in the car and drove to a nearby Spar for some bin bags. Tomorrow is bin day and I was determined to give the grass out back its third cut in three weeks, this time collecting the cuttings and bagging them ready for the bin. While DS was mowing, the washing machine was doing its thing and the 'lawn' was cut neatly enough to make hanging out the washing a pleasant chore. Chores done, it was time for some well-earned me-time, sitting out in the front garden in the glorious sunshine (what a wonderful spell of fine weather it's been — I dread to think how I would have coped with cocooning if we'd had more typical Irish weather these last six weeks).

Breaking from the sunshine I spent some time preparing for Saturday when I'll make my first appearance at a Zoom meeting which my music group have set up. I was wary until now about joining, because of privacy and security concerns with Zoom.

Back to the sun after that waiting for Carl arrive for his weekly cheer-me-up and keep-me-sane visit. Feeling guilty just sitting around while he finished cutting the grass, I cleaned and tidied the kitchen and mopped the floor there.  From then on we just sat in the sun, drank coffee, ate biscuits and chatted, chatted, chatted. All in all we had a really enjoyable time. By 6:15 it was time for Carl to bid farewell and head back to his place.

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