By RavensRoost

Tiny Bejeweled Sequins

It was just one of those days. My mother would have described the feeling as "at sixes and sevens". I would say, "I just couldn't get my groove on". However, by the evening, Jeff suggested we get out our Oregon Primary Election ballots and Voter Pamphlet and vote. The ballots will go into the mail tomorrow. At least I completed one important task today!

The simple beauty and saturated color of this anemone uplifted my spirit and provided a frisson of joy. As Scarlet O'Hara said, "Tomorrow is another day."

Below is a poem...enjoy and may you stay healthy.

Aromatic Purples

Early spring crocus
Hardy purple pansies
Tall clusters of verbena
Vines of morning glory
Arabella clematis
Ornamental allium blooms
Lupinesque wild indigo
Slender wild hyacinth
Faithful canterbury bells
Dignified cattleya orchid
Vibrant effervescent cyclamen
Statuesque gladiola
Cosmopolitan heliotrope
Spiked liatris flowers
Grandiflora petunia
Magical mystic merlin
Unfurling crested iris blossoms
Climbing cascades of wisteria

~ Line Monique Gauthier

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