Honesty two

Honesty's interesting seed boxes are already appearing all over ! I need to remember to keep some to sow next year so that we'll see them every year. For Flower Friday with thanks to Anni/BikerBear for hosting :-)

Happy VE Day to all the countries commemorating 75 years of the end of WWII.

In further news we were again busy all day helping son no 1 and tearing our hair out because of the plain stupidity or the blinkers of the bureaucrats. The hoops Dick and Fumiko have to go through are truly incredible, now the authorities want a documented proof of a long steady relation. They're having a baby in September and want to be together for the pregnancy and the birth and after , for crying out loud, what more do they need to know ? Does anyone ever gets asked when pregnant how long they dated before that ? I have some choice words for the person(s) in charge ...

Thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's new world map and all the Abstract Thursday entries.!

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