By intothehills

VE 75

Firstly, very well done ecodad, spot on with yesterday's mama bird.

The newest squirrels in the wood are super timid so far, I guess that's what happens when an owl and a Buzzard both move into the neighbourhood as well. This one seems especially scaredycat though, today he hid in the leafy part of the tree to avoid the ducks at the feeders.

Lots of nice tasks in the garden today, nothing labour intensive - but my does it eat up the hours.
A bit frustrated to have this weekends volunteering cancelled at the last minute. The reason sounded suspiciously political and not medical to me, but hey ho.

Philosophy Friday
A wise soul once said "the best medicine for human beings is love"
"what if it doesn't work?" someone asked.
The wise one smiled and said "increase the dose"

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