By jac1954

Solitary Bees.

I think I could spend forever watching these beautiful creatures I sit and do my crocheting or my silk ribbon embroidery and loose hours watching them the boys have cute faces the girls or Mummas are twice the size and a lovely toffee colour. I love the way they go in head first then come out and reverse in to lay an egg in pollen. They often sit on my arm or leg looking at me as I to look at them. I think breeding is well underway now as you can see in the picture two of the tubes are full and sealed over with mud. I will take those two out later and replace with empty ones. The filled tubes I will send to guardian of the bees headquarters in September they look after them through winter and send back the cocoons for me to put in the box so they can hatch fly then mate then lay eggs and the circle of life is complete.

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