Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Slides from 8th June 1985, killing time on the beach at North Berwick.  We were just about to get togged-up to go to our sister's wedding, but were chased out the house for forty minutes, whilst bridal preparations were done.  T'was one heck of rush when we did get back in.  Just as well the church was very close by.

Only ever shot four rolls of slide film, and the above are from the first.  Was as always disappointed with the colours from negative films, and those four rolls of slides were the only films where I did like the colours. Ektachrome for the above, and Kodachrome for the others (ISO-100 and IS-64 respectively).  Unfortunately ceded to pressure just to get prints, which was a mistake. Then again, I was back in full-time education, and very skint for years, so much less photography was done, and I bought (and needed) no more equipment for twenty years.

That was a happy day, during a very worrying time.  Fortunately those worries were eventually relieved, and much happiness ensued, more than was thought possible.  Thirty five years on, and wedding aside, a similar situation, but no known method of relief.  The coronavirus situation seems to magnify everything, in the worst possible ways.

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