All Around My Life

By TMLHereAndThere

Impulse purchase

"Lockdown's a funny thing," mused Jim, as he waited for his wife to pick him up at the side of the road. He still wasn't sure how she'd react to his latest impulse TradeMe contactless purchase. At least, having paid for it, he'd found it in the place it was supposed to be, though actually picking it up had been harder than he'd imagined.
A bit of fun for the TiPS challenge, which I've been meaning to join in with for ages – ever since my impulse TradeMe purchase of this tiny person last year, in fact!  I've been quite tardy there… but I wasn't tardy this morning. I was up and showered, with hair done and makeup on, and at Sunny Days at 10.15 to pick up the dog a whole hour and 15 minutes earlier than usual. I'd decided to get that out of the way as today is Friday and I'd promised to meet S. for socially-distanced takeaway coffee in a park somewhere. As she lives alone, she is feeling the isolation of lockdown keenly, and doesn't like the group WhatsApp call, especially since the group has been expanded to included people in distant locations.
I took Naani to Isel Park and threw the ball around for her. At 10.30am, there are even MORE people with dogs around than there are an hour later. One of the things that we've found really challenging about lockdown is the requirement for dogs to socially distance, as well as people! They just don't understand (obviously) and you never know whether the owners of other dogs are going to be fine with yours approaching theirs – most are – or Very Annoyed. Nanni isn't the best at recall when she sees another big dog, and it can be stressful!
Once I'd dropped her back, I called S. from my car to see where she'd like to meet me. She said she was in bed, doing the crossword, and would join in the group call this week. So I drove home, and initiated the call with her, Gill and Claire in Tasmania. D. didn't join in this week as she was busy, but she sent a message saying her journey to Wellington on the ferry last Saturday had involved quite a few passengers, including one man who was coughing everywhere, so she'd dobbed him in and the crew made him wear a mask. What was he thinking?!
Later, there was ANOTHER Goldfinch incident. I can hardly believe it. This time, I was sitting in the living room with a coffee when there was a sudden bang! as a bird flew straight into the glass door. Immy and I rushed outside and found it lying on the ground – it was stunned, but she picked it up and carried it up onto the lawn and it seemed to recover, fluttering short distances but landing on the grass. I went inside to get my camera, but didn't get a photo because just then, S. called me. 
She wanted to say that she won't join the group call any more, because she finds it is dominated by others, finds it hard to get a word in and doesn't like that people she doesn’t really know have been added (it's difficult, because Gill and I know them and they were the founders of the group!)…. By the time I got outside again, the Goldfinch was sheltering in the safety of the giant Aloe Vera plant. Later, it appeared to have gone and, as the cats were sleeping on my bed, we assume it made a safe escape. Now I have to work out what to do about S. and the other ladies (a different time for the group call, I think). And I have to stop wishing to 'see more Goldfinches in the garden,' because clearly the Universe has a funny way of granting that wish.

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