Another day at the screen, some useful discussions and sifted through my list of stuff. Email is somewhat out of control though....but given the weather forecast which is due to be wet tomorrow I decided to quit early in the afternoon and head out for another bike ride. Rendezvous with V after a long haul up the hill by the Infirmary and we headed through the Drum estate and out on a lovely cycle path to Roslin village. Nice to see Dolly the sheep’s relatives in the fields (realise I haven’t seen any baby lambs this year, because haven’t been far enough out of town I guess).
Paused for our drink and satsumas and bit of chat in the village then home again...30km (extra) with a fair few hills which are hard going on the hire bike, but must be doing me good!
Made a prawn Thai curry, and texted back and forwards with G&K whose daughter had her second baby in the midst of the lockdown and whose husband has now got COVID. Not only have G&K not yet seen their new granddaughter but they’re so worried about how she’ll cope with the children and an ill husband on her own and can’t visit her.
Doesn’t look like the restrictions will lift anytime soon though....

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