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One Robert Plant....

....and one very happy Mr Bo Hingles.

I bumped into this absolute Rock legend in the Staffordshire/Shropshire lanes.

I saw him a year or so from a distance and didn't get an image but today I did and had a wonderful ten minute conversation with him.

Anyone who knows me will know Led Zeppelin are my all time favourite band. This man has given me so much enjoyment through music since I was about 6 years old.

I spotted him while out on my mountain bike and asked if I could take his photograph, with social distancing and only having my phone as a camera this is as good as it gets (I so wish I had the DSLR with me but so impractical on the bike).

Anyway I was more than made up with the interaction I had with him. A multimillionaire rockstar that couldn't be more down to earth. He even asked me questions :)

Anyway if you are wondering? he is missing playing live music just as much a seeing the Wolverhampton Wanderers play football.

Extra in colour with a less stern face, but I should be the one saluting him not the other way round.

Happy Bo Hingles

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