Muslin Moth

Another steady day today . Again 1st thing a quick check on work all is ok there this morning so back home for breakfast and a chilling morning once I had cleaned the bathroom walls . Late morning once Julie's parcel had arrived we took a walk out enjoying the lovely sunny weather again. We ended up walking to and on an area of open grass land called the Cow paddle very close to the south common. We decided to stroll on there hoping to come across some wildlife and wasn't disappointed. I came across this lovely little moth sitting in the grass. I managed a few shots and this was the best . Upon getting home I googled white moth with black spots to get an ID , It is an Muslin  moth quite a common moth in open areas.
Back home after a lovely walk and a late lunch and an ice lolly ,. Relaxing now for the rest of the day . Film night tonight not sure what we will watch yet but we have a few possibilities lined up and of course the beers are in the fridge chilling nicely. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend even though it is set to turn cold and most importantly Stay safe and take care 

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