The State I Am In

By Shuji

Hi There

Hi there, hope you are doing well.

I am still enrolled with PhD at Edinburgh uni. I am just about to start writing up my thesis. 

"I suppose I would not blip daily as I used to do before. However, I will try to do when I take photos. During my absence, I of course took photos, so they will be uploaded as back-blipping."

This is what I wrote on 12th March 2018 when I blipped after 2 years of absence. Ahhh so disappointingly I haven't blip any single photo since then.

I was looking back my blips (especially comments from my wonderful followers) this morning, which made me miss the nice atmosphere of the blipfoto. 

So the blip is from the walk around the Blackford Pond this afternoon. It was so nice to see many lives, tadpoles in particular! Extra photos are of the super tame Robin and tadpoles.

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