Quieter day than yesterday activity wise. Up and after a shower and hair wash (not washing it anything like as often as before-partly because it’s longer and takes ages to dry) I made a couple of batches of brownies-two different recipes to trial them out. Bit more work and cleaned up the kitchen after baking then headed out to do 3 delivery drops around town. Everyone seemed pleased to get their wee parcels.
Although it was mainly sunny all day it was freezing cold and as I passed yesterday’s beach the waves were whipped up and ferocious-totally different!
Home and CK arrived to drop off some home made tablet-she was doing drops round town too (although running rather than in the car like wimp me!). Lovely to chat, and I gave her some brownies then made supper as I listened to the stupid (Westminster) government announcement. For goodness sake...
Back to knitting to stay sane

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