Out and About

By Puffin

Lockdown Baking

It was very cold outside, I cycled around the block. "The block" is only 3 km but its very undulating. I had to get off and walk three times because my legs felt like jelly.
Other than that, I baked - cake and scones because we missed out on VE day plus an egg and bacon pie.

Day 52
Boris made an announcement with a roadmap to getting the pubs open but its very conditional and not very clear. Scotland, NI and Wales are sticking with Stay at Home.  England now have to Stay Alert ,  Control the Virus and Save Lives.  Not sure its an improvement. He did  talk about regional monitoring and having to get on top of the epidemic in care homes and hospitals, which is the problem we have in the North West. But no detail on how we would do that. Perhaps there will be more tomorrow,  
He mentioned unlimited exercise and being able to drive to exercise. I hope people don't start driving to the Lake District. We need to tell everyone that we have the worst infection rates in England round here- stay away. 
I wanted to know whether garden centres would open but a friend told me that Homebase in Kendal is open anyway, yet more confusion all round.

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