Hiking and geocaching Ruokolahti today in a new area, where I planned visiting for some time as it's a real wilderness. One local pensioner has created and maintaining there hiking 5 km, 8 km and 10 km long hiking tracks. Terrain in a area is quite challenging due of steep hills and rocks, and in most steep places there had to climb with a help of long wooden ladders and rope (one example in extra image section). Lot's of interesting things to see along the route and scenes from high rocky hills were superb. 

One geocache was hided in a small cave where also had to climb by ladders. In the extra couple of images of that. It took bit under 5 hours to walk that 10 km's because I captured lot's of photos on the way and had one 30 minutes snack break on the top of the highest hill Hukkavuori (Wolf Mountain in english).

I totally fall in love to that area at once and definitely will go back some day. There is also a good chance to meet wild animals, even today I only saw some tits and ravens, but there have been seen and nesting ospreys and golden eagles, not to mention bears, mooses, etc...maybe next time.

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