Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Hole in the wall, the wall being a drystane dyke. From an evening walk, that avoided the PM giving his so called announcement, that we'd already been informed about, as so often is the case. Another bonus of escaping then - it was extra quiet out. Snowed, as it had done several times today. Hail showers too, earlier.

Some extras:
 - a lone skinny Silver Birch, left after the conifers that surrounded it have been felled;
 - low evening sunlight on cherry blossom, at the Tore Burial Ground; and
 - earlier in the day, was back in the 1990's, sorting out the few films and negatives shot then - less than a spool a year - and came across these prints from July 1996. A scary formation of military helicopters that flew twice over Stonehenge. Another helicopter was obviously filming them as they passed over us. When I first saw them, I'd to shoot straight into the light. Upon realising they were coming back, I ran to a better angle on the scene. Stonehenge itself was a disappointment. We were too far away from the stones, and I'm not a good tourist, especially if it's busy. The fly over made it a bit different, and like said earlier, they were darned scary.

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