Autumn in Mono

Another day (or most of the day) of fog, although we did start off with a fabulous sunrise - extra 1 our silhouetted neighbours house, extra 2 is the bank of fog loitering out to sea which engulfed us soon after.  
The topic for Mono Monday was High Key - a foggy day makes that very easy.....a branch almost devoid of leaves taken against the fog.
A happy hour was spent with the Blackheath Photography Group via Zoom.   
This afternoon our Government and Ministry of Health announced we will move to Level 2 from Thursday morning.  It is rather liberating I think - retail, gyms, hairdressers, schools, universities, movies, shows, restaurants, cafes, domestic air flights, allowed to be in groups with a maximum of 10 people, we're allowed to travel anywhere......but always remembering to keep the required distance away from others; in restaurants tables have to be one metres apart, and seated at tables and with their own waiter or waitress. Bars have to wait another week and the bar owners aren't happy. A very unpopular restriction (and very unfair) is that funerals can only have 10 mourners, but on the other hand 100 people can go to the movies 
...crazy ness. 
Here's hoping all this works, one thing we all know it will kick start our sad state of affairs economy.

Today’s Stats
New Cases 3 new, 0 probable (yesterday 2)
In hospital 2 (yesterday 2) 0 in ICU
Recovered 1386 (yesterday 1371) 93%
Deaths 0 (21 previous)11 of these are from the same Aged Care Facility
South Canterbury 17 (yesterday 17) 0 in our local hospital
Total Cases 1497 (yesterday 1494).

Whilst all of the above won't have too much of an effect on us except my hair cut appointment next Monday....I intend to lay low for a while.


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