By Helwild


Today it was a walk to Westport Lake. We knew there was an option to walk under a major dual carriageway (A500) to get to this spot,  but had never explored it before. 

It meant that in the future when life returns to some semblance of normal (?) we would always use this option. No need to drive.

We walked via the Trent and Mersey Canal, past Middleport Pottery, to reach the lake. We walked around the main lake and ventured through the smaller walkways. 

This mute swan family of 6 youngsters and parents were sweeping around the edge of the lake, with mum and dad seeing off any goose or duck when they came too close. I've added an extra of all of them together. Just look at the knob on the male's head - it's huge!

Another zoom chat (and drinks!) with friends this evening, with the focus again being of the weirdness of the current situation we're all in.

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