By tookie

Happy Mother's Day

A beautiful day in so many ways and also a bittersweet day in many ways.  I remember my mom so intensely today and miss her  in all her complexity. .She was very loving and and warm and humorous and yet with us kids she could also be extremely strict and detached....holding emotions at it was complex.  But mostly I remember and honor her for the loving qualities she passed on to all four of her children. I'm thankful for her for giving me the sense of justice I have today and for passing on her ability to reach out to the underdog and to open herself up to others and accept all kinds.  
     My son and daughter and law surprised me with a very unique mother's day gift of a box with ingrediants to make Real Peach Balini drinks....and an apple dumpling to bake with caramel sauce to put on top.  The Balini was a frozen slushy drink when all put together and delicious accompanied by the apple dumpling with caramel sauce..Just plasn delicious .  It came deliveered to the doorstep complete with instructions---something no other Mother's Day had because we never had one during a pandemic!!!  Later in the day a call from them and little greetings from Z and M all made for a very special day for me.  I would  have been in Portland  normally this weekend and taking Z to a since we are sheltered in here in Seattle that was not to be.  I'm so thankful for at least exchanging some love via face time and knowing we all love each other no matter where our physical bodies are "planted"!!!    
    A collage to honor all moms thru out all of this day are  below.......

Mother’s Day began as a call to action to improve the lives of families through health and peace. Ann Jarvis of Appalachia founded Mother’s Day in 1858 to promote sanitation in response to high infant mortality. After the Civil War, abolitionist Julia Ward Howe made a Mother’s Day call to women to protest the carnage of war."

     Today I repledge to honor all woman and their moms and repledge to stive for more justice and peace for our mother earth.


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