By atoll

Bluebell Loves Rainbow

As I watered the lawn today I noticed this little Rainbow in front of our Bluebells. Lots of both about at the moment naturally.

Easy to forget the old symbolisms of hope and newer inclusiveness of the Rainbow that predates our current thanks to the NHS and key workers. Whatever, they remain a feel-good thing to see period - and whether natural or home-made.

Whenever I see one, some auto-response-syndrome kicks-in to hear in my imagination: “Richard Of York, Gained Battles In Vain”. I blame my last minute Physics O Level cramming to desperately remember the colours of the spectrum. I have the same Eureka! moment getting in baths whilst hearing a recital of Archimedes Principle.

I read online today that half of the entire worlds Bluebells are found in the UK. With the exception of the Lake District Daffodil perhaps, they must be the national Spring flower of England.

A huge swathe of Bluebells were planted around our house from long before we moved in 28 years ago. Whilst it would be lovely to think they were our native British variety, I believe these are the Spanish cousin. Am not complaining though as we are a Multi-Cultural family imported to Knutsford too.

My only regret is that like the Rainbow, Bluebells are not around for nearly long enough.

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