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By ajt

White-spotted Rose Beetle

Today was going well until the VPN connection between me and my client was lost. I reported it to IT but they weren't able to fix it, so I did something else instead. To be honest I could have done without that today, I'm going to be really busy this week and next week and losing half a day wasn't part of the plan.

Over the weekend I upgraded all my computers at home to the latest point release of Debian Linux, which seemed to go well until Sunday morning when I rebooted the final systems (the servers) and they were most unhappy. I waited a good hour while the 6 TB of disk on one server were checked, and then it was well into the evening before I fixed all the VPN connections properly on the second... Seems that home was foretelling work...!

I wasn't sure what to do for today's mono Monday. I had a look at the high key thing, and some of the pictures submitted were pretty impressive. I went into the garden looking for something, but it's blowing a gale so everything is moving around like there is no tomorrow and I wasn't really pleased with anything. In the end I like this picture of what I think is a White-spotted Rose Beetle (Oxythyrea funesta), I tinkered with the white version a bit to reduce the contrast and increase the amount of white, but the bottom line remains that it's a black beetle with white spots, so pretty contrasty and not very white! Original is an extra in case you are interested.

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