Pajama bug

The pajama shield bug (Graphosoma italicum), also known as pajama bug, red-black stripe bug, or prison bug, is an 8.5-11.0 mm bug from the Pentatomidae family.

The pajama shield bug lives on various Umbelliferae and can often be found on the umbels of wild carrots, parsnips, angelica, and hives. It is a typical tree bug that does not often get to the bottom and is most commonly found in rugged, mostly dry, and sunlit herbaceous vegetation and grasslands. Sunny spots are preferred and in cloud cover, the bugs remain in the shelters like cracks in the bark. It used to be very rare in the Netherlands, but nowadays it is widespread in the northeast, east, middle, and south of the country and also in the dunes and on the Wadden Islands. The species hibernates as an adult and is seen from April to October.

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