By davidc

Tiny Tuesday

Yesterday I mentioned that my Editor and I have set to work on the peeling paint on our bay windows at the front of the house. Inevitably this requires a certain amount of destruction prior to making good and then repainting. Some of the filler between the frames and the stone sills and mullions was loose, so had to be scraped out. This means some fairly deep holes have to be filled. I decided to start off with expanding foam filler from an aerosol can prior to a more decorative top layer of standard filler.

Anyone who's used this stuff will know that it's quite fun and rather magic in the way it expands before your very eyes, although it does tend to be a bit messy - and (in my hands at least) it always needs a lot of excess trimming off with a sharp knife.  As I set to work this afternoon I started to see little weird faces in the bubbles and shapes (honest, I only had fruit juice to drink at lunchtime!).

My Editor wasn't convinced about them, especially this one, but it made me think of Munch's "The Scream" - or maybe the alien Ood characters from Dr Who. I'll be interested to hear whether any fellow blippers find the same - I hope blipper Technophobe will agree with me as I know she's good at pareidolia.

This face was only about 1.5 cm across so I'm tagging it for wrperry's Tiny Tuesday challenge - thanks for hosting, Wendy.

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