Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

These are a few of my favourite things

This cardigan and the matching wrist-warmers I made to go with it.
Having a garment like this to wear when the cold wind blows, which it is doing today.
Snow, and we got some of that off and on today too.
Meditating, and Yoga-ing, and Tai Chi-ing - and all my teachers.
Acupuncture when needed, the needles, the needles!
Raking the moss out of the lawn.
Doing useful jobs I don't really like, see above.
Translating texts, finding the right phrases, doing a good job.
Knitting, crocheting, sewing, darning, mending.
Creating art works of many sorts.
Bookbinding of any kind, apparently.
Internet connections with family and friends and the world outside my tiny village.
Speaking such a handy language as English, and knowing Swedish too.
Not having to work to earn my keep any longer.
Friends, family, mates, acquaintances, loved ones.
Gardening, sort of. Mostly, OK, gardening.
Decorating rooms, making little altars everywhere.
Rainbows and halloumi.
Reading, reading and reading.
Writing, writing, writing - thanks to blip I'm writing every single day.
Spirituality, golden moments, thin places.
Walking in the countryside, noticing the changes, hearing and seeing new things every day.
Hoping to see the elusive lynx again, or that surprising hare.
Keeping up with world events, the political ins and outs of our time.
Ranting and being opinionated about the last thing I wrote there.
But no more on blip! 

I came to the conclusion, after yesterday's blip, that we will all be happier if I pack the ranting in on blip, and save it for other places - or perhaps not at all! An embargo. So today we have an EB of my cardigan (which I really do love) and a promise to sharpen up my act, get with the programme and be my most excellent self. 

Thank you, over and out for today!

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