Tiny Tuesday

... went outside looking for a blip. Voila.
Life has not much changed for me. I have a lot to day everyday, today I have to organize one room here and put things away, so we can put the yoga mat there, the bananas are over-ripe and I am going to make muffins, I will have to repair the sewing machine, I would like to make more masks.If possible and if there is time left after cooking, cleaning up 3x a day, I have to resume with my book. All the preps I need for the book have been put in a basked and are on the floor. I have to organize it all again and put my thoughts together and have to pick up from where I left. My daughter gave me this deal, where I can write the book in one year and at the end they will send me a hardcover book.
And besides all other chores, a women's work is never done.

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