By Viewpoint

Not quite a family

I’m fairly sure that Mrs Blackbird was not the spouse of Mr Blackbird below  as he was soon chasing her away.  This was in between him zooming around like a mad thing, picking up beakfuls of sunflower hearts and stuffing them down the throats of the two babies, while also fitting in a bath in the  neighbours bird pool.  No wonder he’s beginning to look a little ragged around the edges.  Let’s hope the babies survive the local cats.  We are fairly sure that one baby met its end a few days ago.

Extra:  Alliums looking good against the yellow of the euphorbia.  The euphorbia self seeds and adds bright patches throughout the garden, especially when the sun shines.

p.s. At the end of the afternoon I sat outside for half an hour on the remaining compost bags (after I’d sorted out the tomato bags for the greenhouse) and watched the birds.  The pheasant was the cheekiest and Mr Blackbird the busiest by quite a long way.

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