Flower Power

Have had some really beautiful floral tributes sent over the past week , people are so kind and thoughtful. Just don’t have eleven vases .I’ve put a little collage of some of them in extras as a record for me.
Up and down in mood as expected but yesterday and today did my first ballet lessons on Zoom with Northern Ballet. 
My last proper lesson with them was the day before my world fell apart and because of Covid 19 l wondered if l would ever dance with them again.
But last week l got an email from them saying they were starting this new way ( for them )of delivering lessons so l booked both sessions. 
They have three levels and graded the classes 1/2 and 2/3 a bit of a dilemma for me as l’m an improver at level 2- which way to jump?
Decided to try both , then decide but l loved them equally so l’m going to continue with both.
Mr P would be so pleased, he had told friends he really wanted me to continue with my main interests of ballet and photography and here l am just doing that.

Yesterday l saw my neighbours gardener working on her garden and asked if he could do me a one off on my front garden.
It had gotten a bit unkempt over the past six months and today he gave it a good couple of hours and brought it back to how it used to be.
Worth every penny, can’t afford this regularly but don’t really need it as l can do it myself from now on but what a treat.

Not felt the need or inclination to go out today, unusual for me but l’ve started a jigsaw, not done one for years and l’m really enjoying it.

Finally I need to say that l have been having a lot of trouble keeping up on Blip and for the first time ever l can’t thank everyone individually for their generosity these past five months. I had this bright idea of saving the emails notifying me of comments stars and hearts and in the last week have been ploughing through over 10, 000 of them. They have meant so much to me , every single one x

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