By amandoAlentejo

Chimneys in a Row

Looking across to the row of Victorian cottages that I've always loved looking at, and going down the alley to look at another similar row. Haven't dared do it this time in case I meet someone in the narrow alley.

Received an email from Brittany Ferries, informing us that they are 
"sorry to confirm we have had to cancel this reservation as a result of the ongoing uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak". Disappointing, but not unexpected... we go back to living one day at a time.

Mike has also been frustrated in his attempt to get plaster to finish off the attic. If anyone in England knows where we can get some, please tell us!

- that all the residents in the Home where Paul works have been tested, and all came back negative, feels like a miracle
- Deb running me a bath last night, my first since we got here, it was wonderful
- the binoculars I ordered for Zion and Allegra arriving; should add a new dimension to our daily Nature walks

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