Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

P-P-P-Pick up a ......

...... penguin piece of suet!

Managed to catch this Starling as it had picked up a piece of suet that had dropped from the feeder ...... it then promptly flew off to deliver it back to its nest!

The Starlings have been frantically fetching food from the garden today ..... that must mean that their young are getting bigger ...... not long before they all invade the garden! That will put an end to any peace & quiet!

Extra: Dunnock ...... I'm sure it must be a young one as it didn't look like an adult & wasn't acting like one either. There were two of them in the garden :-)

One of the young Blackbirds seems to have almost taken up residence in the garden ...... it seems to be there every time I look out ..... chuffed! The other is still coming regularly too ..... hope they continue to come :-)

Hubby has an early finish today ..... so it's 'brave the supermarket' day!

 Stay safe everyone :-)

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