By Hillyblips

Broad Bodied

Broad-bodied - well someone hasn't been doing their lockdown exercises then! A male Broad-bodied Chaser on the hawthorn in a brief window of sunshine before another cloud scudded over to make it retreat into the leaves. 

Up at dawn again with a furore from the chickens. Something was upsetting them but from the balcony I couldn't see over the hedge. All the fencing was on and the doors not due to open for another hour and a half so if a fox was about he couldn't get in. It's been obvious from the trail cam that he comes round at about 2 in the morning, every morning, chancing his luck. 

This commotion resulted in me trotting down to the hide in the cold to spy on the magpies, squirrels etc in fact all the usual suspects - cup of tea in hand.

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