We have always had Dunnocks in the garden, but they are hard to spot as they spend their time scuttling about under the hedgerows and being chased off by Robins. However, for a few months now we have noticed a couple on the patio, in fact one, probably the male, has reacted excitedly to its reflection in the patio door. We are pretty sure he thought he was seeing another male. 

We assume they have been nesting in the garden, but we don't know where. This one was on the fence and stayed there for a few moments as I took the photo. I did wonder whether it was a young one, but I don't think so. 

Sometimes called Hedge Sparrows, presumably because that is where they like to be, but they are not sparrows at all. They are cover-loving insectivorous Accentors with sharp pointed beaks. The name Dunnock comes from Old English - dun - brown and ock - small. Robins hate them, probably because they share the same kind of habitat and food source. 

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