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It must be in the genes. All the family are the same. This lovely smile from my boy melted my heart again. 
We stepped outside ready to go for our walk and were driven back by a blast of hailstones! That wind is still from the North. We decided to wait and have just been out -  6.30 p.m. - the best part of the day. I have pottered today. A bit of unpicking and redoing one portion of the patchwork which was annoying me. It has to be just right. I also had a long conversation on the phone with a friend who is struggling. She is a very strong and independent lady and we have been keeping each other going by finding something to laugh about each day. She was very down and I managed to lift her spirits. Now we are allowed to go out and meet a friend in a public place I am going to make the scones I promised her and we will go and sit in the park 2 metres apart and eat them while putting the world to rights. I will pop a few in a bag too and a slice of lemon polenta cake which she will love. 

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