simple moments

By simplemoments



tulips seem to be - everywhere you look - these days, a true - homage to spring - this one is especially meaningful - to me not only because - is appears to have - two shades of color - to it but also - because it brings sweet - memories of my sister to the - forefront for me - she loved yellow - she loved springtime - we both loved to - go on jaunts together - in the spring - when we were together - she is just heavy - on my mind - these days and i - find myself longing - to have a conversation with her

but that’s the way of it - with those who have passed - my advice is treasure - up those loved ones - you have with you - enjoy them in the moment now - don’t wait to say - ‘i love you’ - or give that hug - go - do it now - and make it...


happy day.....

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