By USAHIhifriends

A toothy grin

Picked up on the beach this morning.

Just as I was pulling in, I noticed two dark SUVs with blue dome lights coming down the inside road at the beach.   Sure enough, they were warning those 'loitering' in groups or sitting in the backs of their vehicles or just standing around in a group, that they needed to move on.
I walked down a ways and entered the beach on the other side of the lifeguard tower and decided I'd better be moving, not standing taking shots.   The waves were way down (1-3-ft) anyway, and few people in the water.  So I walked to the left and then turned around and walked back, scanning the sands for beach glass and shells.    Didn't stay long.

Morning newspaper headline  :  Color-coded recovery plan to be unveiled
A cryptic, color-coded plan to reopen more parts of Hawaii's economy will be unveiled this week.   There is talk of colours green, yellow and orange and half-circles and full circles.   Gov Ige will need to approve the plan before it goes public.

Oahu malls and retail centers plan to open Friday (a week later than neighbor islands), but not all stores will follow suit right away.   Special hours and new distancing guidelines are expected to be in place.  

Stay well, act responsibly, and take care, everyone.

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