By JohnED

Jamie's Mug

I am a big fan of Jamie Oliver. I have always liked his style, since the Naked Chef, back in the day. Now, we often frequent his eatery in Glasgow. It has a nice contemporary feel and the food is reasonably priced.

When I started my new in November my wife bought me one of his mugs* to take into the office. Unfortunately, it is too nice to go to work just now and has remained at home, while an older, more worldly wise mug, has been taken to the office to mingle on the staff cups shelf.

It has a larger volume than is require for a Dolce Gusto Americano, but I quite liked the mellow taste that the 50% extra water gave this coffee tonight.

*I like to think that Jamie sat hunched over a laptop playing about with photoshop to create this design.

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