By Jamjar

After an extremely lazy morning, breakfast in bed whatever next, I got up and put the washing out. It still amazes me that the line post hasn't keeled over it's at such an angle, but it seems to be holding.

Then four hours on and off digging, there's only so much slicing up of lumps of clay soil that I can stand at once. A passerby remarked that I needed some rain on it to make it easier, but if it gets a lot of rain before I've broken it up the water will just run straight off it, I'm on a slight slope, so I carried on. 

I put a couple of plants in as I went, and then decided to move a euphorbia from the back garden to the front, but I stupidly gave it a tug instead of getting the fork... and it snapped off leaving all but a few roots in the ground. So I shortened all the top growth, put it in some compost and it's getting a soaking. It might survive, worth a try anyway.

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