Euclidium Space Continuum

By Mobius

Guerilla Village

CV19 has promoted villager interaction, just like everywhere else, including via a 90 odd member WhatsApp group. It provides much entertainment and social contact and support, but it can occasionally get a bit feisty in a school playground sort of way ( me included... with good intentions, passion and occasional frustration).

I and some others took exception to the reinforcing of ownership and promoted status of the owner, and the unnecessary, condescending and overbearing sign put up by the land owner pictured below (in my opinion)

It applied to a short, not busy, mainly straight footpath, with regular clearings in the bushes along its side, so nothing other than common sense and courtesy was required, in my opinion. I'm sure there were some good intentions mixed in also, however.

Proud to see some free spirit displayed in the village, by a friend.

I like the general spirit of the quote below, but not every detail necessarily.

"It isn't just a village. The houses aren't just places to live. Everything belongs to everybody. Everyone belongs to everyone else. Even a single person can make a difference." ~ Joanne Harris

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