Chris Jepson

By ChrisJepson

Lily in Eggcup!

Still shooting Oriental Lilies while they are fresh. This is a bloom that snapped off so, as the title suggests, it's in an eggcup on a black t-shirt!

Processed it to look like a vintage Dior ballgown (well, in my head anyway - too long in lockdown?)
Flower Friday15_2020  (FF15_2020) hosted by BikerBear
Considered the royalty of the lily flowers, Oriental Lilies are large, bright and have a beautifully, spicy fragrance and their blooms are some of the most sought after for their several unique characteristics that set them apart from all other lily species.

The symbol of the lily flower represents purity of heart, sweetness and virtue, while maintaining an everlasting, exuberant presence within gardens and floral arrangements. 

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