By Doyley22


....for Anni's Flower Friday Challenge.  Thanks, Anni.
These may be one of the Caesias, which one I know not.  I'm hoping someone might know.  These were at the golf club early this afternoon, before we tee-ed off.  I loved the flower that was open with the ones with their caps just lifting off.  

MrD and I walked to the cafe at North Fremantle beach this morning and then walked to the beach.  The water was crystal clear and most inviting - no swims for me, a coffee with MrD and then a walk home.  Take a look in extras if you can be bothered.

Ninniex has blipped, make sure you take a look.

Thank you for your lovely comments and gifts for yesterday's abstract.  I'm very slack in replying, you would all know that but I do appreciate all you say.    

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