By HareBrain


Or Granny's Bonnet for FlowerFriday.  Thank you BikerBear ~ Anni for hosting.

We went to see Matilda (caravan) today.  We had to make a prior appointment for an hour and I was really excited to  see our old, but trusty,  travel gal again.  She has survived the lockdown and 6 months in all of being stationary, so a quick hitch up and drive round the Storage Site revealed that the wheels turned round, no flat tyres and the lights worked.  I wonder when we will be able to take to the road again?

Mr H's PC has been returned from intensive care and he's busy trying to get to grips with Windows 10 .......... and I've successfully burnt a DVD on my laptop of the wonderful week we had in February when we house sat for friends and looked after their beautiful house, the ducks and kitties - who knew then what was ahead of us all. 

I hope everyone is keeping well and you all have a good weekend.

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