By deanna_pearce

Day 60 - Flower Friday

Another day - not much happening.  Put a chicken curry in the slow cooker and then out to help KG with his pruning.  He was taking the top off the magnolia tree that had gone too tall.  While helping him cut up the bits to go into the green bin  - I found these bits and prices and thought they would make a nce blip for Flower Friday - thanks to Anni - Biker Bear for hosting.  This afternoon drifted away - I don't know where!!  Facetimed Amanda and it was good to speak to her and Mr T.   I ordered some peat for KG on Monday and it arrived today so he is happy about that.   After tea we skyped our younger daughter and M.  She told us that she was not going to send her youngest back to school until things are sorted out.  The elder one would have stayed at home and S said it is too soon. 
Watered some of the plants and some more runner beans have popped up.  
Another warm and sunny day 

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