By Cumbrialass

Flower Friday

First job this morning. Repackaging the watering lance that M ordered but was faulty.. Ordered on Amazon it took 2 weeks to come from Germany! They emailed me a prepaid label which was good. I crossed my fingers that my geriatric printer would work.. it has become very temperamental  but it is very old.. ( arent we all!) For once it printed without a problem.

A longish queue at our post office but I would never complain . The postmistress is a lovely person and running it singlehandedly 5 and a half days a week  . She has worked hard to make it a very friendly place. 

A coolish wind when we walked Fletch , but got warmer by the end of our walk.. 

M was trying to take some photos of his bonsai for a Virtual Exhibition . He can enter 3 photos. 
It is difficult to get a neutral background. Hes resorted to making a frame and pinning one of Fletchs black dog blankets to it! 

Quick blip today.. of the flowers that have seeded themselves on our garden walls . We call them daisies but I believe they are erigeron

Thank you everyone for the lovely comments and stars. As always, take care xx

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