Now, as I see it......

By JohnRH


At last, a proper Saturday.  Rugby this afternoon; my team won, and cinema this evening, complete with hot dogs and popcorn.  What Saturdays are for!  Except, of course, it’s all smoke and mirrors.  The rugby was a seven year old match which had been on Sky Sports; the club broadcast it ‘as live’ on their Facebook page.  As for the cinema, Blipper Fitzbilly reminded me a few days ago that my bank sent me a code for a free video rental on Rakuten, so tonight we are watching ‘Knives Out’.  We saw it at the (real) cinema when it came out and thoroughly enjoyed it.  If you like a good Agatha Christie murder story you’d love it, and Daniel Craig is superb (and nothing like James Bond).

The hot dogs and popcorn are real though; bought in specially for the occasion.  And here’s an Allium.

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