By dfb24

Who knew....

....that squirrels ate oranges! I had put jelly & oranges out for the Baltimore Orioles, and finally saw a male oriole on the feeder last Thursday. By the time I got my camera it was gone. Yesterday I actually had the camera right next to me on the couch when Tom said "Hey, your buddy's on the feeder", so I turned my head to look and there was the oriole, but in the time it took to raise my camera it was gone. Grrrr!  This morning before my walk, I went out to make sure there was enough jelly left, and saw that the orange halves were getting dried out, so I laid the dried out halves on one of my pots from last year and put "new" orange halves in the feeder. Later as I looked out the window I saw this guy eating the orange halves that were on the soil in the pot. He cleaned them both up pretty well, too.   :))
Yesterday afternoon I was sitting outside with my camera & saw what I thought was a goldfinch, so I snapped a couple of pictures. I realized when I saw it on the computer today that it wasn't a goldfinch. Looked online and found out it was a common yellow throat--a wood warbler. I'm thinking we've got a whole lot of different birds here and that I just don't pay attention so don't notice them. I've put the warbler in the extras just because it's a first for me. Thanks to Admirer for hosting SillySaturday, and hope you all have a lovely, safe weekend! :))

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