By wingpig


With the fresh Aldi wheel on the wheelbarrow (I'd had a few looks for replacement tubes online (as they're far too badly-decomposed to repair with bicycle repair kit patches) but had never got round to actually buying any bybthrntimeni chanced upon the whole wheels for the price of a replacement tube) it was very slightly easier to roll the barrow from one end of the plot to the other. The barrow, being bigger than the wee yellow trugg, only required two trips to take the weeded-out grass from behind the mud kitchen to the new compost heap before it was time to go home. I took some of the spare hosepipe home to siphon some water through the kitchen window to give the bamboo pots a good soaking, which got another not-got-round-to-it-yet task out of the way in the inspection of the bamboo pots to check that the sneaking bastard isn't trying to sneakily extrude any roots back into the ground.

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