By witchcreations


I went out by myself! Other than food shopping it’s the first time since March that I’ve spent some time by myself... so I went for a run, I’m so out of practice that it nearly killed me, but it also felt really good...lockdown is a funny thing, some people are completely isolated and lonely and have a build up of words - where as I’m really missing have a quiet space in my head without people asking me to do something .. can’t wait for the social bubbles to be expanded, I’m finding it hard to live with a family that like and need company and attention all the time and to be a mum, a teacher, a playmate, a worker, and a partner all at the same time from the same four walls. I know I’ve got it lucky really and this isn’t as hard for me as it is for some other people, and I shouldn’t complain, but it’s just nice to recharge and get away from people sometimes. Especially when I keep getting the urge to scream bugger off to anyone who speaks to me!

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