By chantler63


Tidying up from the decorating today and starting to put the room back together. I have to decide exactly how I want it putting together though after the basics are back in. It's now very bright and I'll also need to decide what I want to cover the window - curtains or blinds. One step at a time.

We had our family Zoom meet this evening and had booked one of those online Break out Puzzle Rooms. The original idea was for us to compete in groups but in fact it needed our collective brains to sort things out. Edward had joined us for this, thank goodness. He has done some of these activities before so had a better idea of how the clues worked. Granddaughter Anna (17 next Wednesday!) was also quick thinking but as for Granny, well, say no more!!!! We thought we would do one of these next Easter when we are all together on holiday (we hope) but we'll all go into separate rooms to make it more realistic!

The blip is actually some bird poo splattered on a window! I thought it looked like faces. I'll have to clean it up even though it will be quite tricky to reach.

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