By joolsfoto

Day 1

A 365 with no camera in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic..........

This is just for me, to

Find daily joy
Create something I want to look at
Be easy about it

I realised I started yesterday with this photo for a camera club competition. There was a deadline, I only had my iPhone, I haven’t been creating images for years, I was sweating the small stuff and trying to push my photography somewhere new for the criticism of others. I nearly gave up again.

I tried some long exposure photos of handwashing to represent lockdown - no joy, reminded me of work; I tried photographing stick throwing on our dog walk - lots of joy, but the zoomy images felt too frenetic.

Later, pottering in my garden I let go of making a statement or a winning image and took the effortless photo. The one I usually take. In letting myself off the hook of trying to please, I was pleased.

And so here I am, for a year at least.

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