Wearing purple...

By 60plus

Poppies in the verges...

...yellow days... 
Roy went foraging this morning, followed by coffee and the crossword with Sue & Dave. We enjoyed the fruits of the deli with our coffee - a pork pie for Roy again, and ginger tiffin covered in dark chocolate for me ;) 
A run/walk this aft - a bit windy for a bike ride up the hill into the wind... The cow parsley was a lovely border of white on the bridleway ( see extra collage ), and the larks, lapwings and curlews were in good voice!

More Lockdown Links follow:

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Corona Classics

60plus   Symphony No. 2 in E-Minor, Op. 27: III. Adagio - Rachmaninov

DollyDoug   March of the Toreadors from Carmen by Bizet - The Folsom Symphony

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